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My Blueprint about Remedial Massage

I am a professional Remedial Massage Therapist. It is therefore important for me to outline how my remedial massage therapy is tied to my philosophy and my values. I come from a background in customer service where the key to success is finding the right solution for each person. I have transferred this history of on-the-job learning about the importance of people into my work as a remedial massage therapist. Remedial Massage Therapy focuses on you the customer. Put simply, I help you to Listen to Your Body.

The key things to remember about my therapy work are the three founding principles -

Reserve - Restore - Retrain

I use these three principles to diagnose and plan your remedial massage therapy -

Reverse - the pain and rebuild pain-free movement
Restore - repair underlying problems
Retrain - develop new strength through simple exercises

By using all three of these stages of therapy you can truly get back in charge of your body.
There are things you can do about your discomfort but you have to be aware of what is causing the symptom of "Pain". I help you understand your pain and how you can sort out your pain issues in the long-term.

Easeback will provide you with an ongoing self-management program.
Ultimately I want to encourage you to take responsibility for your long-term health and well-being. I look forward to assisting and enabling you to find the balance and symmetry to maintain your body in a healthy state.


Remedial massage therapy

Easeback specializes in remedial massage therapy. The Remedial method is not your classical type of massage. The Remedial Masseur often has to sink their thumbs/fingers into the fibrotic knots that are found throughout those deep spinal muscles located in your back and neck. I use a low-force, non-manipulative form of therapy to build your muscle strength and health.


Yes my therapy can be firm

However my treatment will vary from person to person. I alter the treatment to suit personal sensitivity requirements. This is my customer service promise!

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