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easeback remedial massage and deep tissue massage calming palm trees to assist with pain reduction.

About Jeff Sweeney | Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist

Welcome to my profile as a professional remedial therapist.

My journey into remedial therapy is part of my life and philosophy. Like most people a range of life experiences and events have led me to my passion in remedial therapy.

I have watched lots of people face the challenge of maintaining a healthy body. Whether sports enthusiasts, corporate professionals, students or mature men and women of all ages, shapes and physical abilities, the challenge remains the same.

Especially in a very busy society where the mind pressures build up, there is a constant need for physical release. I know because I have personally experienced these physical and emotional challenges.

In 2005, after several years of caring for an aging mother, I had the opportunity to reshape my life and career. Remedial massage therapy had a lot of appeal; it allows me to help others, and to work with passion at the same time.

The first step in my new vocational journey was to decide on my image and identity, who I was, after years working in the automotive spare parts industry, and being secretary of my local football club. My second step involved extensive training in massage therapy styles and techniques. My training looked at links to other health care professions and many hours of supervised practice to build depth into my skills. Feedback from my clients was very helpful and positive; the results began to tell their own story.

EaseBack soon became the symbol of the therapy practice I wanted to create; the simple idea of easing back through back therapy provided the picture of my approach to remedial massage therapy. The back, that essential and influential structure holding our bodies together, became central to my massage therapy work.

My third milestone was successfully gaining my Diploma of Remedial Massage and joining AAMT  (The Australian Association of Massage Therapists). These two achievements provided me with a sound platform of commitment to professional standards and ethics on an ongoing basis.

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