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About EaseBack | Remedial Massage Experts, Melbourne

Welcome to the EaseBack website.

We value your interest in Remedial Massage/Muscle Therapy.
We encourage you to Listen to your body.

Common Questions about Remedial Massage/Muscle Therapy

1: Who is Easeback?
EaseBack is a remedial massage therapy practice located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I offer consulting services alongside other health care professionals. Easeback is owned by me, Jeff Sweeney, the principal therapist. I am a professionally trained and qualified remedial massage therapist. I continue to build additional specialist training into my skills profile. I am a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists.
2: Does EaseBack just deal with back problems?
No, not at all! I treat the full range of soft tissue problems - muscles, tendons and ligaments with my deep tissue massage. I diagnose problem areas of pain and sources of tension, then introduce a treatment plan to suit your individual requirements. I have a whole body approach to Remedial Massage Therapy. This helps to identify referred pain, that is, the symptoms showing in a different area to the source of the pain or discomfort. This is a common issue and relies on excellent diagnosis.
3: What is the EaseBack approach to Remedial Massage Therapy?
I use the Onsen Technique to systematically guide your diagnosis and treatment. Onsen is a proven professional method of "structural assessment and correction" that allows me to address the underlying causes of your Pain symptoms. The term Onsen is Japanese. Loosely translated, it means "at peace" or "at rest". It implies balance and harmony between all sections of the body (Anatomical Planes). My particular therapy approach has a three phases: Reserve-Restore-Retrain
4: Why use EaseBack?
EaseBack is a customer-focused, remedial massage therapy practice. I use proven methods and processes. I Listen to Your Body. You will know the symptoms, which may include shooting pains, sore knots or stressed muscles. I tell you what is going on so that you remain in control. I am reasonably priced and I offer real value for money.
5: Does EaseBack massage therapy hurt?
When muscle tissue is tense or irritated it can be painful under pressure. Pain can be measured on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being no pain, and 10 being the worst pain imaginable. I monitor your needs and level of comfort. I use a low-force, non-manipulative form of therapy to build your muscle strength and health. I alter the treatment processes to suit your personal sensitivity requirements.

Good Health Does Not Cost, It Pays

Jeff Sweeney (Dip in Remedial Massage)
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