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easeback remedial massage and deep tissue massage calming palm trees to assist with pain reduction.

Rates - Massage in Melbourne

The practice of massage can take many different forms depending on the required outcome. Easeback has a variety of massage styles to match your needs. My fee rates reflect your preferences.

Remember each style is backed by solid theory and practice technique -

*Remedial Treatment that aims to restore function to injured "Soft Tissue" (muscles, tendons and ligaments).
*Deep Tissue Massage/Trigger Point Use of thumbs/fingers to elicit a change in soft tissue
*Sports Sports massage (Traiining) teams, the individual. Yes the Weekend warrior needs a massage
*Relaxation Traditional massage. Slow rhythmic and flowing to relax,
*Stone Therapy Therapeutic use (Hot Rocks)
*Cupping- Oriental-based treat accupressure meridians

Treatment Rates

1/2 Hour $43.00 easeback gift certificate available for massage and other treatments in melbourne
45 min $58.00
1 Hour $68.00
90 min $93.00

Concession rates apply

Health rebates available

Work cover accredited

Gift Certificates Available.
(The Perfect Gift)



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